Leading with Integrity: Lessons from Queen Esther

Eliza Sapir Koren
2 min readMar 22, 2024


In the story of Queen Esther, there’s a lot managers can learn about integrity, especially when dealing with manipulative people like Haman.

The Story of Esther and Haman

Esther, a Jewish orphan, becomes Queen of Persia. Meanwhile, Haman, a high-ranking official, plots to destroy the Jewish people.

Haman’s Manipulative Tactics

Haman tricks the king into signing a decree to annihilate the Jews, driven by his personal vendetta and lust for power.

Esther’s Triumph Over Haman

Esther risks her life by revealing her identity to the king and pleading for her people. Through honesty and courage, she exposes Haman’s plot and persuades the king to revoke the decree.

Lessons for Managers

  1. Stick to Your Values: Esther never forgot her roots or her people, even after becoming queen. Despite the risks, she stayed true to her Jewish identity.
  2. Watch Out for Manipulation: Esther recognized Haman’s deceitful intentions when he tried to manipulate the king. She took action to prevent his plans from succeeding.
  3. Communicate Clearly: Esther openly communicated with the king about the danger facing her people. She didn’t hide the truth, even when it was difficult.
  4. Build Trust: Esther built a strong relationship with the king, earning his trust over time. This trust allowed her to effectively advocate for her people.
  5. Take Brave Steps: Esther showed incredible bravery by risking her life to approach the king without being summoned. She knew it was the only way to save her people.
  6. Stay Strong: Despite the danger she faced, Esther remained resolute in her mission to save her people. She didn’t waver in her determination.
  7. Lead by Example: Esther’s actions inspired others to stand up for what is right. She led by example, showing courage and integrity in the face of adversity.

By following these simple principles, managers can lead with integrity and navigate challenges successfully.

And it’s amusing to note, my second name is Esther too. Perhaps her story resonates even in the modern world ;).