Too Many Meetings Aren’t Your Real Problem

Eliza Sapir Koren
2 min readMay 19, 2024


In today’s fast-paced work environment, it’s easy to feel bogged down by endless meetings. But the true issue isn’t the number of meetings — it’s the lack of time you spend meeting with the most important person: yourself. Prioritizing self-meetings allows you to manage your task list and progress efficiently. Here are three golden rules to help reduce unnecessary meetings and boost productivity:

Set Clear Agendas: Ensure every meeting has a specific purpose and outcome. Share agendas in advance to keep discussions focused and productive. If you receive an invitation without a clear agenda or purpose, don’t hesitate to decline.

Embrace Asynchronous Communication: Use emails, collaborative documents, and messaging apps to handle updates and quick questions, reserving meetings for in-depth discussions that truly require real-time interaction.

Block Self-Meeting Time: Schedule dedicated time in your calendar for personal work sessions. Treat these blocks as sacred, using them to review priorities, plan tasks, and reflect on progress without interruptions.

Remember, an overabundance of meetings often signals a lack of effective processes. Instead of meeting to get work done, establish clear workflows and adopt methodologies like Scrum, which include specific stages for collaboration. This approach ensures that everyone feels involved and valued without over-relying on meetings.

By following these rules, you can cut down on excessive meetings and create more time for focused, meaningful work with yourself. This shift not only improves efficiency but also enhances overall job satisfaction.